How to obtain your CT Pistol Permit


How to obtain a Connecticut Pistol Permit, follow these steps:

  1. Take a state-approved safety course:
    1. All applicants must complete a state-approved safety course that includes live fire range time
  2. Obtain a local pistol permit:
    1. Residents should go to their local police department or First Selectman’s office to pick up a pistol permit application (form DPS-799-C)
    2. Out-of-state residents can apply for a non-resident Connecticut State Pistol Permit directly to the Connecticut State Police, Special Licensing and Firearms Unit by emailing [email protected]
  3. The application will contain instructions for obtaining the permit, and there is a $70.00 fee
  4. Submit the application:
    1. Fill out the application form with all the required information and bring it back to your local police department along with the necessary documents, such as forms of ID, Firearms Safety Course certificate, and any other documents required by your local police department
  5. Wait for approval:
    1. Your local police department has 8 weeks to either approve or deny your application, although the process may take longer in some cases
    2. If your application is denied, you can file for an appeal with the State of Connecticut Board of Firearms Permit Examiners
  6. Obtain a temporary permit:
    1. If your application is approved, you will receive a 60-day temporary pistol permit
  7. Complete the State Application to Carry Pistols and Revolvers:
    1. Within the 60-day period, go to a DESPP, Division of State Police, pistol permit location and complete the State Application to Carry Pistols and Revolvers
  8. Pick up your actual permit:
    1. Take your temporary permit and payment to one of the three DESPP locations: State Police Barracks G in Bridgeport, CT, State Police Barracks E in Montville, CT, or DESPP Headquarters in Middletown, CT.
    2. At that time, you will be issued the laminated permit, and your process is complete. This is how to obtain a Connecticut Pistol Permit.

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