CT Armed Security Officer Endorsement Course (Blue Card)

  • Are you looking to get your CT Armed Guard Endorsement (AKA Blue Card)?
  • Already a security officer but are looking for a promotion or an advancement in salary?
  • Are you an armed security officer that just moved to Connecticut?

Let’s get you started!!

All Armed security officers in Connecticut are subject to licensing by the State Department of Public Safety, and this includes unarmed officers as well as armed ones. Connecticut being one of the U.S. states with relatively stringent gun laws, state law stipulates additional training and certification for armed security guards.

This includes initial training and follow-up yearly training, extensive background checks, and additional certification training for the permit to carry or use a weapon (CT Pistol Permit).


The license that confers the right to carry weapons, in the capacity of a security officer, is referred to as the CT Blue Card; here are the requirements for obtaining one, so if you’re thinking of undergoing armed guard training, make sure beforehand that you meet the criteria.

​The CT pistol permit has an endorsement on it (similar to a driver’s license if someone is licensed as a CDL or motorcycle). With the proper endorsement, it shows when someone is an armed professional. Armed professional include armored truck and ATM employees, bank security, dignitary protection, celebrity protection, executive protection, etc.


  • The candidate for an armed security guard license must be at least 21 years of age.
  • A background check is conducted to eliminate candidates with a history of felony convictions, certain misdemeanor crimes, and gun related crimes.
  • CT blue card holders must not have ever been barred from owning a firearm for other reasons. Finally, the background check must not reveal any prior denials of a security license.
  • Possess a Connecticut State Pistol Permit and a Connecticut Security Officer Identification Card (Guard Card)


  • Our instructors are certified by the CT State Police as an Armed Officer Instructor.
  • We run a comprehensive 8-hour course. This course is necessary to obtain your Security Guard Firearms Permit Endorsement on your pistol permit.
  • Successful completion of this intermediate level course along with the endorsement of a security agency, will allow the security officer to carry a pistol or revolver during the course of their duties

Cost: $180.00


This is the annual re-qualification course needed to maintain the blue card endorsement. Student must bring a minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition for each firearm they wish to register through the course. Eye & ear protection will be provided for those who do not own their own set.

Cost: $80.00 (1st 2 firearms) $10.00 for each additional firearm used.

Please Note: It is suggested to wear your uniform pants and footwear as well as your duty belt.

Need to be re-qualified sooner?

Time ran out and never had the chance to get it done?

We my be able to re-qualify you sooner than our next scheduled class. The cost for this is $160.00 and is subject to the instructor’s availability. Give us a call for more information.


Topics covered include:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Handgun Nomenclature
  • Reloading
  • Working through malfunctions
  • Use of Force
  • All classroom material
  • Range safety gear
  • Hands-on (scenario based) training
  • Job Referral Assistance
  • And much more…



Please bring a your CT Guard Card, CT Pistol Permit, Firearm to be used for class, a minimum of 50 rounds, closed toed shoes (sneakers, boots, no sandals), a crew neck shirt, and an open mind. All class dates and times may be selected during checkout. If you have any questions, contact us or CLICK HERE to visit our FAQ page.

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