Are you looking to have a Misdemeanor or Felony Pardoned here in the State of Connecticut? We offer Absolute Pardon Application Services to fit your needs and your budget.

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An absolute pardon application.

An Absolute Pardon Application (also known as an expungement/erasure/full pardon), if granted, results in complete erasure of your official Connecticut adult criminal record. You may apply to the Pardons Board for an Absolute Pardon, which is an absolute erasure of your criminal record, THREE (3) YEARS after the date of disposition of your most recent MISDEMEANOR conviction and FIVE (5) YEARS after the date of disposition of your most recent FELONY conviction.

If you have a case that was “nolled,” you are not eligible to apply for any type of pardon until the nolle has cleared.  A nolle remains for a period of thirteen (13) months after the date of disposition by the court.

Additionally, you cannot be on any form of supervision when applying for an Absolute Pardon, have any pending charges or open cases in any other jurisdiction (state or federal).

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