1. Please bring a valid pistol permit AND driver’s license or State ID. This is required.
2. Click here to complete the Goldeneye registration form and waiver. This is required.
3. Bring the firearm(s) you have chosen to carry for duty and / or the company issued firearm. Not every firearm will be accepted in class. Please read below for specific criteria your firearm must have. This is required.
4. You will also need to bring 50 rounds for each firearm. This is required.
5.Also bring a minimum of either 2 magazines (total) or 2 speed loaders (revolver total). 3 of each is preferred. Please contact us if interested in ordering more magazines, magazine pouches, speed loaders or speed loader pouches. This is required.
6. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time for registration processing. Upon arrival, we ask that you bring your firearm(s) and magazines completely unloaded as well as your ammunition (separated) into class. This is required.
7. Click here to complete the online Gun Range Waiver. This is required. This is a seperate company and requires a seperate waiver to be completed. Please note: The last “Yes or No” question on this waiver must be checked off as “Yes” stating “I certify that above facts are true…”
8. Please click here to download the student handout, You will be provided with a copy of this handout during class. Please save this handout to your device. There is no need to print this handout. 
9. Important Note: This is an intermediate level firearms course. The ability to load / unload a magazine, load / clear a firearm, as well as accurately placing shots on a nine inch target from 20 feet should be the starting skill level prior to arrival. It is STRONGLY recommended to practice safe firearm handling and live fire prior to arrival. Historically, student’s who have not shot a firearm within the past year or those who are not familiar with their firearm have, for the most part, unsuccessfully completed the qualification course. Anyone who does not pass the qualification course will be asked to re-qualify at a later date/time. The cost to re-qualify is $40.00. This cost covers any range fees, shooting supplies and the instructor’s time.
10. Each participant will be required to take a 50 question exam consisting of true/false, multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank. A passing score of 76 or higher is required in order to move onto the live fire qualification course. This is required.
11. The qualification course consist of shooting 50 rounds from varying distances of 4 feet up to 50 feet, using a combination of left-hand only, right-hand only, and two hand shooting, at the instructor’s verbal command. Passing is 240 or higher (out of a maximum score of 300). More details on the how you are scored will be explained during class. For practice, visit a gun range prior to class. You should be able to hit your target within a nine inch circle from 40 feet, using both hands.
12. Although Marijuana, in the State of Connecticut, is legal to use for both Medicinal and Recreational purposes, handling of heavy machinery should not be done while under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic. A firearm is considered heavy machinery. If any staff notice the scent of marijuana on you upon arrival to class, you will be excused from class, regardless of the reasons surrounding the odor of marijuana and/ or alcohol.
Optional offers available on the day of class: Our training academy currently has a pro shop where you may purchase items for the job. Although each job and scope are different, our instructors have curated certain pieces of equipment for which you will universally need. Everyone will have an opportunity, during the break or after class, to view and purchase gear.
Payments (optional items, rescheduling fees, etc) may be paid using cash, checks, or credit/debit cards on the day of the class.


The firearm(s) you will carry. Which must be of the following criteria:
Pistols: Standard semi-automatic pistols.
Caliber: .380, .40, .45ACP, .357 SIG, 9mm and 10mm.
Revolvers: Double-action revolvers only. NO SINGLE ACTION REVOLVERS
Caliber: .38, .357, 9mm and .45ACP
Please note: All handguns will be inspected by Goldeneye’s firearms training personnel to ensure they meet manufacturers’ specifications.  Mechanical and/ or safety defects will result in the firearm being rejected.
Only “factory” brass ammunition will be utilized for qualification. The ammunition should have the same ballistic characteristics of that which will be carried in the handgun upon successful completion of the program. No re-loads or hand-loaded ammunition are allowed.
The live-fire qualification course requires each attendee to fire a qualification run of 80% (240/300) or better, to establish proficiency with consistency.
If you are qualifying with a semi-auto pistol, in addition to 50 rounds of ammunition, you will need:
  • Minimum of two (2) magazines for the pistol
  • Magazine pouch
  • Holster for the pistol which has a retention device (i.e., hammer strap, internal tension device).
    • For safety, no cheap nylon or leather, no inside-the-pants holsters.
  • Eye and hearing protection
If you are qualifying with a revolver, in addition to 50 rounds of ammunition, you will need:
  • Minimum of two (2) speed-loaders for the revolver. No loading of loose rounds from pocket
  • Speed-loader pouch
  • Holster for the revolver which has a retention device (i.e., hammer strap, internal tension device).
    • For safety, no cheap nylon or leather, inside-the-pants holsters
  • Eye and hearing protection.
Contact the Goldeneye firearms training staff if you are not sure about the suitability of your equipment. If determined that your equipment is unsuitable for the course, you will be excused from the live fire course and asked to return when your equipment is suitable.
Appropriate clothing should be worn to include a baseball cap, long pants and sturdy footwear, suitable for rapid turning. Shorts, bare feet, sandals, and dress shoes are not allowed.
Any unsafe behavior or violation of safety rules will result in immediate dismissal from the program.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: All deposits and payments are non-refundable. Any class dates unattended by the participant, or cancelled within seven days from the date of originally registered class, are transferable with a $40.00 rescheduling fee.