Looking for Self Defense Insurance if you are ever involved in an incident?

Look no further. Please check out the USCCA Shield Insurance / Membership Program by clicking the image below.


You will be redirected to the USCCA website where you will be able to shop and compare different levels of coverage.

The instant you become a USCCA Member, you have access to your trusted legal protection and you can start training right away with your included resources. Your Membership Card will arrive in a few days, followed by the next issue of Concealed Carry Magazine. You also have the power of other protectors like you on your side. You’re now part of a growing community that can help transform you into the strongest and most prepared defender you can be. You’ll gain the confidence required to be your family’s first line of defense.

Your USCCA Membership comes with the trusted legal protection you need to safeguard your family’s future and everything you’ve worked for. Plus, your Membership protects your family members at your residence if they are ever forced to defend themselves. As their protector, you can help them train and prepare.

Your USCCA Membership protects you in a justified act of self-defense, using any legal weapon of opportunity. This means you’re protected whether you have to use your legally concealed handgun or your self-defense tool of choice.