Self Defense Insurance is something many people are unaware exists. What would happen if you are ever involved in an incident?

Look no further!

Here are a few reasons why to sign up.

    • Renter’s and Home Owner’s Insurance DO NOT cover incidents that occur at your residence involving the use of force in self defense.
    • Coverage for Connecticut as well as any other state you may travel to.
    • Attorney fees, civil liabilities and more are covered as soon as you sign up.
    • You are covered the instant you sign up.
    • Any weapon used to defend yourself is covered.
    • 24/7 – 365 availability to answer any of your questions
    • 24/7 – 365 response to a self defense incident.

We’ve done our research and have found two organizations that offer the best coverages for you and your family.

Please click on the link below to figure out for yourself which one is best for you.


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